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Detroit Free Press

There's one critical reason you should sleep in this weekend
For people younger than 65 years old, sleeping less than five hours a night during the weekend was associated with a 52% higher mortality rate compared to those who sleep seven hours, according to a new report published in the Journal of Sleep Research.
Sleeping in on the weekend can compensate for lost sleep, study saysDetroit Free Press
Weekend Sleep-in May Lower Mortality RiskMedscape
Sleep in this weekend — you might live
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Your Tablet and Smartphone Is Ruining Your Sleep - WebMD
It wasn't just that light from electronic devices suppressed their secretion of melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone, study author Jeanne Duffy said.
Leave tablets, smartphones out of the bedroom for better sleepMedical Xpress
Tablet use before bed could spell trouble for sleep patternsClinical Innovation + Technology
Study: Leave tablets, smartphones out of bedroom for better

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The Guardian

Elena Ferrante: 'At 30, I began taking sleeping pills, but slept only four hours a night'
The Guardian
Reading led me to a state of overexcitement: usually, one reads a few pages to fall asleep more easily, but the more I read, the more sleep passed me by. And it wasn't a question of the quality of the books. Mediocre books, great books, novels, essays ...

Sleeping In on the Weekend Might Actually Be Good For You
In today's day and age, many of us aren't sleeping as much as we should: We stay up late, burning the midnight oil (or streaming the midnight Netflix), but are still forced to wake up early, thanks to all of those societal obligations—like work and ...
Sleeping in on the weekends can compensate for lack of sleep during the week, study suggestsWashington Post
Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend?Live Science
Sleeping in on the weekend might be good for you, but it's not going to fix all your problemsPopular Science
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The Sun

This £18 product has been scientifically proven to improve your sleep… and your health
The Sun
A GOOD night's sleep is extremely underrated, and when we struggle to snooze it can seriously affect the way we think and feel. That's why we're totally up for trying anything that's been proven to help us catch more zzz's - and the innovative sleep ...

UW Medicine Newsroom (press release) (blog)

Seniors and the road to quality sleep
The Laconia Daily Sun
Quality, Not Quantity. The older we get, the harder it becomes to get a good night's sleep. Beginning in our late 20s, there's a steep decline in the amount of deep sleep we get each night, and by the time we reach 50, that amount is reduced by more ...
CPAP for sleep apnea improves sex for women, but not menUW Medicine Newsroom (press release) (blog)
Using a CPAP machine can improve sex lives for some, study saysCNN
Snoring could be symptom of sleep apneaFox 4
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How to get to sleep: Turn your alarm clock away before you go to ...
HOW TO get to sleep: with higher temperatures and longer daylight hours, the summer months can be a particularly hard time for people to get their ...

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New York Times

The Weekly Health Quiz: Pools, Sex and Sleep
New York Times
The Weekly Health Quiz: Pools, Sex and Sleep. By TOBY BILANOW MAY 25, 2018. 1 of 7. A study of 501 couples who were trying to get pregnant found that those who ate this food two or more times a week had sexual intercourse more often and were more ...

The Spokesman-Review

'Betsy DeVos, how do you sleep at night?' LGBTQ advocates project data on Education Department building
The Spokesman-Review
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos apparently wasn't around to see it, but a message to her was projected on the Education Department's headquarters in Washington about policy on LGBTQ youth, asking, “How do you sleep at night?” The Human Rights ...

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